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'Life' does not always go the way we planned, does not necessarily fit into what we think 'should' have happened, nor does it necessarily treat us well. Thus there are times when our life experiences can cause us psychological and emotional pain, along with difficulties in carrying out our day to day activities. When this does happen we can find it difficult, and struggle to cope not only with the difficult situation, but our life generally. Many of us can experience a sense of hopelessness and can feel overwhelmed by what is happening.

Sometimes we act or behave in a manner that our family, friends or society do not agree or accept, and this can result in various 'problems' both legally and socially. At Stephens & Bradley we separate behaviour from the person and believe that individual instances of behaviour do not alone determine a person as 'good' or 'bad', 'worthy' or 'not worthy'.

It is not uncommon for inappropriate, unacceptable or unlawful behaviour to manifest itself at a result of previously experienced painful or damaging physical or psychological trauma. Thus Stephens & Bradley are able to provide therapeutic services to both clinical and forensic clients in order to help them move through the sometimes difficult psychological and emotional difficulties they, and their families, can experience.

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Stephens & Bradley Forensic & Clinical Psychological Services