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Is this you?

You and Us

Are your worries holding you back?

Can't seem to shake your low mood?

Have been the victim of a violent or fearful offence?

Have experienced traumatic events in your life?

Have been charged for something you may have done?

Are subject to proceedings in a Court of Law?

Are always angry or your behaviour is not 'normal'?

Having panic attacks?

Feel scared or worried for no particular reason?

Having difficulty with drinking or drugs?

Struggling with fears or concerns?

Have suffered 'stress' or injury in the workplace?

Do you feel or have you experienced any of these things? At different times in our lives many people will experience these feelings, thoughts and behaviours. It doesn't mean you are 'crazy', or inherently 'bad'. Other people have experienced similar and different types of traumatic events, and they have 'made it through' so it is important for you remember that you can too.

The difficult decision now is 'what do you want to do about them?'

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Stephens & Bradley Forensic & Clinical Psychological Services