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Corruption & Ethical Behaviour

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What we do.

Here at Stephens & Bradley we focus on the individual traits, states, and behavioural and cultural aspects of behaviour. We understand the motivations behind why people behave the way they do, why some interact with others to achieving goals and why people make decisions based upon their own beliefs and desires.

Most adults understand the rules of "do" and "don't", but that alone is sometimes insufficient to prevent against unethical or corrupt behaviour. Stephens & Bradley can provide education and training to Management and 'rank and file' staff, of how and why unethical and corrupt behaviour occurs, the signals and warning signs, and procedures and techniques to help prevent against such behaviour.

Ethics and Anti-corruption training.

Ethics and anti-corruption training is now an integral part of all Government agencies, at the National, State and Local levels, many private companies, but unfortunately some staff still succum to the behaviour. So why do employees fail to carry out their 'training' and end up acting unethically or corruptly? Why do employees jeapodise their long term income and economic gains for the some shot term goal? Why do people who seem so intelligent do something so 'stupid'?

Many education programs focus upon the penalty of acting unethically or corrupt, the ramifications of such behaviour. Some programs may address risk assessment and prevention strategies that provide procedures for organisations to minimise the risk of corruption. Unfortunately, relatively few if any training programs consider behavioural risks that my result result in unethical or corrupt behaviour.

Moral and ethical development is learnt as people mature and, consequently, is influenced by the environment in which they live. As such an person's thought processes, personality and behavioural traits, and their environment are signficant factors in determining an their liklihood of behaving in a particular manner.

Stephens & Bradley are able to provide half day, full day and two (2) day training workshops to both Management and 'rank and file' staff on the behaviours surrounding ethical behaviour and corrupt and unethical practices. The training includes areas of moral development, cultural influences, work place culture, workplace risk factors as well as addressing aspects of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) and the New South Wales Ombudsman Office. We are also able to provide recommendations to minimise the risk of unethical and corrupt behaviour.

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